Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 6: Hurricane of Disappointment

     So there was a hurricane that kept me from playing Dishonored this week, save for one night. That one night of playing, however, may end up being the last one for a while.

I'm not quitting my backlog playthrough just six short weeks into it, I'm just quitting Dishonored for the time being.

Maybe it is because Dishonored is the third stealth-driven game I've played thus far, having trudged through Assassin's Creed, and sprinted through Batman: Arkham Asylum. Granted, they are very different approaches to stealth, with AssCree relying on blending and remaining inconspicuous as opposed to lurking in shadows, and Batman being more action oriented in the stealth approach.

I approached Dishonored wanting to go full stealth and not kill any guards, which is a pain in the ass approach, but the challenge is good.

I still can't get into the story, the pacing is miserable, and the journals, notes, etc. scattered throughout each area are wastes of time. 

I'm sure they are intended to add depth to the story or provide some insight into the world, but there is not real motivation to find and read through all of them.

The gameplay is still enjoyable, but I've mentioned before that there is more to a great game than interesting gameplay.

I know I'll pick it back up at some point, but I just don't want to do it right now.

With that in mind, 'that' being the fact that I am giving Dishonored a rest, I must choose my next game.

Deadly Premonition is next. A game that has become a cult classic, meaning it has crappy controls, outdated graphics, and absurd sound direction. I'm approaching this game looking for an experience.

Proof that gameplay isn't the sole driving factor in my interest in a game.

I expect to have something of interest to write about next week rather than spend so much time telling you I'm not playing a game and trying to show interest in telling the world the game I'm replacing it with.

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